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The danger here is being reduced to this thing they’re not.Father Paul Scalia, chairman of the Catholic apostolate Courage, a group roundly disliked by the New Homophiles, wrote an essay at many years ago in which he pointed out that “coming out” as “gay” has the tendency to set someone in “amber” that is especially difficult to get out of.Maybe no one in the Church understood celibacy as positive, an embracing of the possibilities for apostolate that celibacy opens up for the celibate.Maybe no priest or bishop or Ph D student ever thought of that before. While dialogue and engagement are good things, Christians still need to take a closer look at New Homophile claims. Yes, they accept the teaching of the Church on sexual ethics.Here is a group of smart, young-to-youngish Catholics and Protestants announcing their unabashed and unashamed “gayness,” yet announcing also their fidelity to Christian sexual morality. Such a proposition was tailor-made for a media that is obsessed with all things “gay.” And after you run out of the first gay this, that, and the other, what’s there to write about? Tushnet told Boorstein that when she “came out” at 20 in 1998 she thought she was the only woman with same-sex desire living chastely in the Catholic Church.Hey, over there, look, they’re “gay” and Catholic but they still have a gripe with the Church? Tushnet would blanche at the notion of narcissism since she and the New Homophiles eschew anything that smells of Freud.

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