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Sago worm is a delicacy among the indigenous Melanaupeople of Sarawak.

The worms thrive on the fell trunks of the Sago palm. To eat live ones, hold one by its head, pop its wriggling body, tail first, into ones mouth, then bit at the tip of its head, jerk off its head, and throw away. Its innards is creamy and tastes like rich creamy toffee; no eerie taste or smell as one would have imagined but full of protein.

The Abdullah al-Yunani was the sole distributor of newspapers when family businesses still held sway and the Yunanis were a prominent Chinese-Muslim family in Kuala Trengganu.

It stood in a street of textile merchants and photo studios, and next door to it was a shop that my mother always referred to as as the mangosteen from a pineapple.

Outside the Abdullah al-Yunani people would be chatting and waiting for their first glimpse of the day’s headlines while the types were being set, and the presses rolled in Kuala Lumpur for the another day’s pages, another day’s paper.

Sometimes when I followed father to the Mosque I’d be standing there too with him, in my the Chinatown of Kuala Trengganu.

He was in fact, of Indian origin, and went by the name of Mr Fernandez.

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However, it can be either in a crisp or soft version. This raw fish dish is unique to Sarawak and the Melanau people who live on the coast.The limes used here are tiny calamansi limes, which are lightly sweeter than regular lime.