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The issue of which aspects are canon was one of the most hotly debated topics among fans. announced that in preparation for the upcoming sequel trilogy, the Expanded Universe would be retconned; past tales of the Expanded Universe will be printed under the Star Wars Legends banner, and a new continuity has been established that consists only of the original six films, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and film, and all future material from that point onward.Though past elements of the Expanded Universe have been declared non-canon as a whole, they remain a resource for future Star Wars material to reference, thus bringing these elements into the new continuity as canon.In the absence of such ad hoc solutions, the EU is considered incorrect only on the particular points of contradiction.The Expanded Universe is actually older than the films themselves, as the novelization of the original film was published six months before the film was released.Developing and extrapolating from details like this in a consistent fashion turned West End Games' Star Wars products into a de facto reference library for other developers of the EU.Around the same time, Dark Horse Comics acquired the Star Wars license previously owned by Marvel and used it to launch a number of ambitious sequels to the original trilogy which began with the popular Dark Empire series.A new threat, the Yuuzhan Vong, was introduced in the New Jedi Order series.

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But these were not stories that I was destined to tell.

As an example, the Aurebesh alphabet was originally a random piece of set dressing used in Return of the Jedi.

Stephen Crane copied those symbols and turned them into a complete and workable alphabet which would later be used in the prequel trilogy.

All this development began to feed back and reference itself and create cross-connections.

West End Games produced roleplaying supplements based upon Dark Horse's comics and Zahn's novels.

Instead, they would spring from the imagination of other writers, inspired by the glimpse of a galaxy that Star Wars provided.

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