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28-Sep-2017 19:55

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: Spring birthdays are terrific because a great birthday date is a picnic by a stream, in a park, on the beach, or in another natural setting.

Pack sandwiches and chips or fried chicken and potato salad, hop in the car and head for the nearest place you can spread out a blanket.

It helps to have some thoughts about how to make that first sex the successful prelude to an ongoing intimate relationship.

A birthday is an important date to remember in any relationship, but it is most especially important to remember in a romantic relationship.

Lastly, peek at some pointers on how to have great “first-time” sex. Many people just dash off their online profile, but that’s a really bad idea.

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Check out useful tips on writing an awesome online profile, and be inspired by ideas for inexpensive dates. If you’re 50 or older and back in the dating pool, you’ll discover that one key to successful online dating is having a strong profile.Inviting friends and family can be a great way to make an excellent memory for them.