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All login information can be maintained in the "" file in directory "/usr/sap/jco/demo.I've used these values: jco.client.client=800 jco.client.x509cert=Base64 Encoded Certificate in one line jco.client.ashost=local jco.client.sysnr=00 jco.client.snc_mode=1 jco.client.snc_partnername=p: CN=IDS, OU=IT, O=CSW, C=DE jco.client.snc_qop=3 jco.client.snc_myname=p: CN=RFC, OU=IT, O=CSW, C=DE jco.client.snc_lib=/usr/sap/IDS/SYS/exe/run/Compile the Class Veri Client: javac Veri And run it providing the properties file as a parameter: java Veri Client Somewhere in the result you should also see: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Test ------------------------------------------------------ Status ---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JCO.create Client().........................................client.connect()...........................................Outlook With SNC enabled we can use the RFC Enabled Function Module SUSR_CHECK_LOGON_DATA to authenticate with an external ID.This chapter is divided into sections that skip between two quite different styles.In the "computing with language" sections we will take on some linguistically motivated programming tasks without necessarily explaining how they work.If the authentication was successful it will return a valid SSO2 Ticket. This content is reposted from the SAP Developer Network.

To login with the X.509 Certificate you have to concatenate the previously exported Certificate in one line without "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----".Done that, you have to restart the application server again. Please enter PIN: ******** Added SSO-credentials for PSE "/usr/sap/jco/demo/sec/RFC.pse" "CN=RFC, OU=IT, O=CSW, C=DE" Allow SNC RFC Connection On the ABAP Server side we have now to maintain the View VSNCSYSACL which is used to restrict the SNC RFC Connections by an Access Control List (ACL).Create PSE for RFC Client I've decided to use a separate PSE for my RFC Client as described in Scenario 2: Using Individual PSEs for Components. PKCS#10 certificate request for "/usr/sap/jco/demo/sec/RFC.pse": Export Client Certificate We have to export the Client Certificate of the just created PSE: # /sapmnt/IDS/exe/sapgenpse export_own_cert -v -p –o Opening PSE "/usr/sap/jco/demo/sec/RFC.pse"... Start Transaction SM30, enter VSNCSYSACL and click Maintain.We hope this style of introduction gives you an authentic taste of what will come later, while covering a range of elementary concepts in linguistics and computer science.

If you have basic familiarity with both areas, you can skip to 5; we will repeat any important points in later chapters, and if you miss anything you can easily consult the online reference material at — the program that will be running your Python programs.NET, and other cutting-edge technologies converge to form a resource and collaboration channel for SAP developers, consultants, integrators, and business analysts.