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Also I don't want to link the video, but if you go through yahoo answers there's one dated pretty recently that will give you think link where the video has like 50,000 views.Oh and yes, Phil being a bit more open and his age instead of an overgrown child is so refreshing and very entertaining, he should continue, also glasses!is the story of ordinary people who fought and suffered, and loved and lost during the Civil War.The novel begins and ends in an insane asylum outside Richmond, Virginia, as it interweaves the fates of its characters in a panoramic view of the Civil War.If the Valentine video is any indication of what a romantic/loving person Phil was and still is; I can truly understand why Dan had "grown up" from a young teen but until now could not find a replacement (if he had tried)the valentines video.Literally the most awkward thing to watch because it seems so private.I haven't seen any, but maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

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Can I jump in even though I've only been on this website for less than a day? The video is honestly what starting shining light on the possibility of Phan because as much as Dan wants to deny it for damage control, that's the most sincere and serious Phil had been on his channel yet.

At the start of the book Doctor Joseph Bryarly reports to the Wingate Asylum (also known as Bedlam South) only to find out that the evil, sadistic Captain Percy has taken control of the place and will use the building and the patients in any way he pleases as long as it is to his advantage. Bryarly is haunted by something mysterious from his past.

As he tries to prevent the patients from being mistreated, he descends into his own bout of mental instability. Bryarly is the main character of this book, there are several other storylines going on at the same time.

I'm enjoying their scrabble game; goodness Phil is seriously out of luck tonight Yep definitely old married couple though its refreshing to see there are still young people playing traditional board games. I will bring this two back from the depths of prehistoric eras, I want to keep this in my mind next time I think they're together What I will say from all those posts is: Dan was such a nakiiiiiid guy on Daily Booth, I felt second hand embarrassment I was just like you, thinking that people were just obsessed with shipping them, until I saw the video.

I'm also enjoying the fact that we get to know Phil Lester in these gaming videos; the one who sing Dildo song and want to make babies and rub himself on windows I wouldn't be surprised down the road it is Dan who will put his hand over Phil's mouth to stop him I really want to see the flirty tweets someone mentioned a few pages back... That got me doubting, even when Dan insisted that it was a prank, because it felt too real (besides, let's remember that Dan has told a bunch of stories, like the pannic button one, where after a mistake he kept lying and lying about his innocence until people dropped the matter).Yes, it totally could be a joke, but Dan's formspring (I'm sure you've all seen the infamous three love formspring) would have been so dumb, like yes, he could have met another girl right after he broke up with his "last known girlfriend," but the dates as sync up so well.