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Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 يمثل هذا الموقع سلسلة من الجزر الاصطناعيّة المؤلفة من حجار البازلت والقطع المرجانيّة وتمتد على طول جزيرة بونابي.

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The state of conservation of stone structures is now of extreme concern, rendering the integrity of the property vulnerable.Nan Madol is a series of more than 100 islets off the south-east coast of Pohnpei that were constructed with walls of basalt and coral boulders.These islets harbour the remains of stone palaces, temples, tombs and residential domains built between 12 CE.Ces îlots abritent les vestiges de palais, de temples, de sépultures et de domaines résidentiels en pierre, érigés entre 1200 et 1500 ans de notre ère.

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Ces vestiges représentent le centre cérémoniel de la dynastie Saudeleur, une période dynamique de la culture insulaire du Pacifique.

The FSM Constitution acknowledges the customary interests of the traditional chiefs and the property is customarily protected by the Nahnmwarki Madolenihmw.

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