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24-Sep-2017 22:03

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Based on your report, you failed to provide such information.If you would like to gain access to your profiles or funds, simply provide the requested information as detailed in the emails you were sent at the time your profile(s) were removed.

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READ: Foreign websites steal our content ok part of the situation as now been addressed and sorted theres still some outstanding and hopefully it will be sorted overnight as they seen that i am the photographer now as i sent them the model release form theres two accounts still under dispute but as they took the evidence on one im hoing they will on the other two i post here whatever happens im a photographer and a number of ladies came to me for images and said they like to earn extra money so i did suggest to a few that they join adultwork but they didnt want there partners/husbands knowing so i set up the accounts at mine and they accessed them from there and made appointments etc they added my images and all was fine till we had a young lady who is 18, 19 in jan 2014 she obviously got a lot of interst and her account was banned she wasnt happy and had a go at me and we set up other accounts each was banned we now fell out and even though adultworks know full well the accounts are mine they insist i get amys id so im losing 400 - 500 pounds so i agree they r ripping ppl off i may set up a free site as adultworks are the pimps running this and ripping ppl off and i think something should be done i intend to write to my MP later as y should they be allowed to keep our money Adult is targetted by tens of people creating fake profiles on a daily basis.

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